Market Place / ROMS & Kernels ?

Discussion in 'Android Forum' started by micp1480, Oct 22, 2010.

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    [/BI am running Ultimate Droid 1.0, and I was hoping that my Market Place would execute faster, especially with the option under Quick Command to perform this. Since the day I received my Droid (original), I was never successful in getting the Market Place to execute any faster (20 seconds), no matter what ROM, Kernel, Over Clocking etc...............I have done to it. So,now I present this question to an open forum; does ROMS, Kernels and Over Clocking, that we perform to our Droids, do anything, or is it just a hype? I ask this question because I have seen several Droid X's execute the Market place with a single click. I have done the cache cleaning, but this is something we shouldn't have to be doing.. If you are going to say it's a memory thing, well that is not going to sit well with me, for I have all my programs over onto my SD Card, and so I have enough memory to perform this single most execution. I am looking for some feed back, alternatives, etc................................... Thank you for your time.


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