Market keeps saying insufficient space. tried a lot

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    Hi there, everytime I've tried to download something from android market I get the 'insufficient storage space' error. Have over a gig on both phone and sd card. Here's what i've tried.- wipe dalvik cache- wipe data cache- wipe only market data and market cache.- wipe download manager cache- re-flash liberty- backup sd card, wipe and reformat (using windows 7 and 32kb allocation sizes). and then put files back.- Downloaded and tried 'Market Fix' App but no result.I love liberty rom, but at this point I just can't seem to win... I'm understanding that google talk and cityID need to be on the phone cause they share dependent files with Android market, but reinstalling them has been tricky.I hear there are dependent files that go with the market that have to be running for it to function. any advice would be great. I love the droid X, its still a great phone.
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