Market Apps missing on Droid Icredible

Discussion in 'HTC Droid Incredible' started by droidINC20009, Nov 15, 2010.

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    Nov 15, 2010
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    I have a weird situation with finding apps. Last week I got my Incredible and immediately downloaded the app SMStoMailbox Lite, to send all my texts to my email. It was free, but there was also a Pro edition that would allow me to send txt's via my email.

    A few days later, the SMStoMailbox Lite and Pro apps are gone from the market. I've searched for them every day since, using all sorts of search terms. When I search the market on the Internet from my computer, however, the app still shows up.

    I was wondering if someone who has a INC, or some other droid could search the market for the SMStoMailbox app and see if it comes up for them. I tried going into my Application settings for the Market and clearing the cache on my phone, but that changed nothing. I saw there's also a 'clear data' function but I didn't want to do that- wasn't sure what the result would be, or if I'd lose downloaded apps/account settings.

    Thanks! I know this topic has been talked about before but I thought I'd mention a specific app to see if it is still accessible by others' phones.