Maps Will not install

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    Ok, this is actually my friends phone, I do all his rooting for him. I had trouble at first with my phone also but used the fix that was given and I got it up and working on my phone but still not abble to do his.

    I was aware that when I installed the 2.2 rom there was an issue with that.

    We were running JRummy Froyo V1.1

    I used the fix Jrummy gave and got it installed on mine. We have been trying for days now to get it on his phone but have not been able to. I even tried different Roms. I also tried to install 4.2 from a copy of the .apk I found in my research.
    No go even on that.

    We installed the Froyo from this link Download: FRF84B Froyo Droid Build with Dev Kernel - Droid Life: A Droid Community Blog yesterday thinking it would solve the issue but it didn't still not able to get maps.

    I need help! plz...