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    I'm not sure if this thread should go here, but I'm hoping someone could point me in the right direction. I am a band director and my buddy has come up with this curriculum that the students really like. He based it off of the xbox achievement system. Basically the students have to play off a song, compose a piece, have perfect attendance, and multiple other "achievements". Every achievement is worth points. Once they get a certain number of points they rank up. This allows the students to compete against each other and show off their rank to their friends.

    We have been using an Excel file to keep track of all this stuff, but its a very time consuming process. I would like to create an app, mobile or on computer, that would allow me to input the information quicker. Here's the question, if I do this, where would I start? Is there someone out there that would be willing to do this? we would pay you for your time, but we are teachers and running a little low on money. Any advice would be welcome.