Make ME a Monster game for boys

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    Make ME a Monster

    Everybody is shouting “I monster”! Make ME a Monster is a Funny mixture of face-in-hole and dress up game turns you into a monster from the other dimension in a second for free.


    Download free game app “Make ME a Monster” and have fun with your family and friends for hours. There is nothing more interesting than taking pictures while making crazy faces and then putting them on a monster you created by yourself.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    ★ Take a photo of your self or your friend by using your phone camera, or use some photo from your photo gallery. You can make any grimace you want because it is a real photo fun, just stand up strait and look in the camera.

    ★ When you take a photo, pinch and scale the image both horizontally and vertically and drag it to adjust face position, so that it fits the given selection area. When everything is on its right place go for the next step to put a face on a body to create a monster.

    ★ You entered the world of a dress up game now, so make the body of a monster look the way you like by pressing the buttons and choosing the parts of the monster’s body like the upper body, shorts, wings, tail, arms and legs, and also the background

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