Major Problems.....will pay for help!?!?!

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    Nov 10, 2011
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    Ok I have a VZW 7 inch tab that I managed to brick. I flashed to galaxy cubed rom being that was the only one I could get to even remotely work. Now for the problem, I have no recovery mode. It stats power reset or unknown command (something in that nature) It will not come out of airplane mode, but it will connect to Wi-Fi. Then under about device the hardware version is unknown and baseband is unknown. I am missing the boot animation. When I enter CWM it just restarts the tab. I am pretty experienced with a droid x and CMW, SBF, custom Roms and flashing but am still pretty noob to the tab. Does anyone know a way to help me out? I try to support all dev's I can, I'm not rich but I still help out with donations, buying apps or whatever. If anyone could help me out I will gladly pay. Thanks