Major Issue with Root and Liberty 2.0.1

Discussion in 'Droid X Rooted Help' started by bigdixie, Jun 16, 2011.

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    I had originally posted this over at droidxforums, but no one has replied.

    Basically, out of nowhere, my phone would not wake up one day. I tried a batt pull and all the normal steps to no avail. I figured something must have drained the battery so I plugged it into my computer. The green light blinked but nothing would happen. I plugged it into the wall and it showed me 0% battery....strange (I had 40% just 15 minutes earlier). I let it sit on charge for about 4 hours and it was only showing 60%. I booted the phone up normally, but when I booted the battery icon indicated 100% battery. I unplugged the phone and in a matter of seconds, the phone turned itself off and would not wake. I plugged it back in to wall and it read 0% battery again.

    I figured it was a dead cell in the battery so I took the battery into a Verizon store and told them my trouble. They put the battery in another X and everything was normal.....crap.

    I was afraid to restore a nandroid backup or flash anything because sometimes it would turn off even when plugged into the wall. I decided to take the leap and run a maderstock sbf, which was successful before it turned off...phew. It even returned my boot animation to stock. The phone was completely stock, but the problem still persisted. I took it to Verizon where they put a new battery in it. Everything started working fine....strange.

    I left the store and about a minute or two later, my phone rebooted into a boot loop. I took it back to the store, where they did a factory reset. The rep had me enter my google account info...big mistake! As soon as I did that, my wallpaper changed back to the liberty big deal...rep made a comment about it. Then it started to hit the fan, I noticed she had a strange look on her face when she handed me the phone. I looked through the apps, and android market automatically installed apps such as bootstrap, metamorphosis, and wireless tether. I don't know for sure if she saw these. She then asked me if I had a minute to wait while she talked to someone about the situation with my phone, which I replied 'no' (actually did have somewhere to be). She said if I bring it in again, they would begin processing the replacement. I hope this turns out OK.

    Now, everything is working just fine...which is very concerning. This tells me that it was something to do with software. The evening before it happened, I had installed the Lookout Mobile App and a wireless signal widget.

    I am afraid to re-root and rom unless someone can tell me what just happened. I was very, very close to losing my phone on this one.

    I would really like to re-root, but I feel that it would be irresponsible unless someone can give me some insight as to what caused this, and more importantly, how to prevent this from happening again. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    I had Liberty 2.0.1 stock theme.