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    With football season starting up again, I can't believe that there is no way to play Madden football on the new Samsung flagship/beast of a phone...the GS3!! I mean, come powerful as this device is you would think that it could at least play SOME VERSION OF MADDEN right? I would be happy even playing Madden 2011 if I could (at least it would be real football on the G2S3).

    I even tried using Chainfire3D with Madden 11 & 12 with all the different settings that I could think of but with no luck. That actually didn't surprise me very much since I don't think Chainfire3D works AT ALL with the Galaxy S3 (even though someone in this forum who will remain anonymous says he used it successfully on the GS3, but I'm not buying that). So far, I have not been able to get even 1 game to play on the GS3 with Chainfire3D so I have no faith in it at all, but if any one of you has found a way to play ANY of the Madden games on your GS3 PLEASE tell me exactly how.

    I NEED NFL FOOTBALL ON MY GS3 A.S.A.P.!!!!!!!!!!!

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