Mac Email, Gmail, and Droid

Discussion in 'Android General Discussions' started by zis, May 11, 2010.

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    Although my question is quite specific and doesn't apply to many people I hope someone can help me....
    I use Gmail for work and personal emails and I use the Mac email client for emailing (not When I got the Droid I installed the Gmail app and have my emails on my phone as well.
    For the most part, my Gmail account syncs very well on the Droid. However, I have been experiencing one major problem.
    Anytime I compose an email from my Droid (whether new or a "reply") the email sends properly. However, when clicking on the email thread to view the email I have sent, the Droid breaks up my one email into MANY emails. Each of the many emails has bits and pieces of the wording from the original email I sent.
    Is this caused by the fact that I use the Mac email client and it somehow affects the sync from Gmail to Mac to Droid?
    I'd really like to continue the Mac email client so I need help!