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    Been lurking for a while, finally decided to register to be able to ask questions.

    Both my wife and I owned HTC Eris's. When we first got them they were OK. Not great but workable. After a few months the phones started dropping calls, or rather hanging up calls since VZ could not see the dropped calls and we no longer got the signal faded, call lost message.

    My Eris worked great with my Pioneer car bluetooth until the software upgrade from 1.5 to 2.1. After that, no more bluetooth with my Pioneer. My wife's phone would still hookup, but only because we did not allow it to upgrade.

    In the course of troubleshooting phone issues VZ sent us "like new" refurbs that functioned poorly compared to the already malfunctioning units we returned. After endless wrangling with VZ they sent us "like new" Droid 2's for replacements and they are much better, although we already had to have the wife's replaced when the screen backlight kept randomly turning off.

    I posted my current bluetooth issue in the Droid 2 tech forum, and hope this awesome community can offer some insight.

    Eek, sorry about the rant, I look forward to contributing where I can.
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    :welcome: to the Droid Forums. I'm sure you will enjoy the D2 much more then the Eris.

    First, I hope you both have Screebl installed on your D2. The screen back light is suppose to turn off after just a few seconds unless you are using it or you had an issue with the proximity sensor. There is a free version, I suggest getting the pro because it is a great app and I would like to see the developer get some money to keep working on this app.

    If you have any other issues or concerns, let us know. We find most of the issues people have with their Droids can be fixed. I'll give you my usual speech about virus protection and task killers, get rid of them if you have them installed. You don't need them.

    Other then that, happy to have you here. We hope you make us your forum of choice.:)