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    Was looking for a protective case or two that would hold my Droid with a Seidio Innocase. Wanted something that I could use on a daily basis to hold the Droid and my earbuds (Shure E3c's) and a "travel" case that would hold the Droid, the earbuds, the charger cable, a wall plug, and an extra battery but not be the size of a backpack.

    Happened to be in Best Buy today and after finding nothing that fit the bill, a salesperson suggested I check out the cases for portable GPS's. Lo and behold, the perfect solutions from Lowepro. Paid $20 for each though I think they can be had for less.

    Here are the links to the cases I bought on Amazon.

    The "everyday" case:

    Amazon.com: Lowepro 4.3-Inch Navi Sleeve GPS Carrying Case (Black): Electronics

    A neoprene case with a 2+ side zipper. Has an internal microfiber protector for the screen. Fits snugly but not too tightly.

    The "travel" case:

    Amazon.com: Lowepro 4.3-Inch Navi Shield GPS Carrying Case (Black): Electronics

    A semi-hard case about 1.5 inches thick. Several internal compartments including a padded compartment to hold the phone and a separate compartment for accessories.
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