Love Razr but connectivity ......

Discussion in 'Droid RAZR' started by jrpbulk, Jan 9, 2012.

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    Ok I have had this Razr (second one first had serious battery issues) and I just don't know if I can keep using it.

    I am a very long time verizon customer. Up until recently Ihad the Droid Inc from day 1, never had any issues with connectivity 3g, wifi .. etc (outside of major outages).

    With the razr nearly everytime I "really" need 3g/4g (75% of the time) it fails me. I mean when I am trying to use GPS navigation/maps. GPS works fine but without 3g/4g I can't get a map or route.

    Now I may just be unlucky and having these issues at the same time VZ is having issues, who knows. The last 2 days 3g/4g has been bad. Right now no 4g and 3g is very sporadic. I got lost getting to where I needed to go this morning.

    ALSO, I bought my wife a samsung stratosphere and she has never had these problem (outside the otages).

    Worried worried worried - I hope VZ is having the AT&T growth issues.

    I have all the latest updates ... etc.
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    I haven't had any issues the last couple of days, so another nationwide outage is unlikely. I'd say run in 3G only (CDMA) if you need reliability for things like GPS, since that way you won't have to worry about a 3G to 4G handoff. 3G speed is fine for GPS, too; there's no advantage with 4G for that application.