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    First time writing, but so impressed with the droid so far that I felt like it needed a "pat on the back" for the deveolpers of it. My salesperson at the verizon store was exceptional and went over the massive capabilities of this phone with ease, so much so that my transistion to a smartphone was very fluid.
    This is my first phone of this nature and am going through the normal jitters of working it, however I have found that navigating is not so bad and actually found some "shortcuts" already. The apps are sooooo cooool that I am having a hard time putting it down.
    I bought 2 of the droids and the ERIs for my daughter ( 15 year old, you know the story ).
    I am having only one problem however. I am using Family Locator and am having trouble understanding why my phone tracks me very well, but has difficulty getting a keeping the exact location of the other two.
    For discussion, the ERIS phone has had the Latitudes function loaded to her and she has accepted our emails to track her phone.
    Anyone offer any additional info? I could write for a while but not knowing which direction to go alludes me. Any help??