lost lte after OTA update

Discussion in 'Droid RAZR' started by vaeevictiss, May 8, 2013.

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    So after my wife complaining how annoyed she is with the OTA request popping up every 12 hours, i decided to get her phone to accept. She was on a 4.0 version of AOKP, so i safeboot restored her stock rom and uninstalled safeboot.

    the update went well but now she has no 4g and cannot send any emails. Is there a fix for this? I found one thread where people said there is no fix as somehow the hardware got corrupted (apparent happened to a lot of people). Some people were lucky and were still under warranty and others just bought a new phone or got one from ebay. Well shes just over a year so the warranty is out of the question, and we cant really afford a new phone at the moment.

    This is kinda bull**** as she had an LG ally before this that broke with an OTA and verizon refused to do anything about it.

    Hopefully there is some workaround.
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