Looking to tether via wifi & wap not ad hoc

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    Aug 18, 2010
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    Does anyone know of a wifi tether app for android that uses a wap signal instead of ad hoc?
    I am trying to tether my droid 2 directly to my ps3 for playing modern warfare 2. I live in the country so i have no hsi options
    availible at this point. And before any naysayers chime in, let me say this- i'm already playing through this connection but
    i have to tether the droid to the laptop and then connect a cable from the laptop to the ps3 with a shared connection.
    What i'm wanting to do is take the laptop out of the equation so it's not tied up & my wife can use it while i'm playing c.o.d.
    Thanks in advance for your help!!!!!!!!!
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