Looking to swap internal storage between two droids - Please advise

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    Hey all, first and hopefully last post on this subject.. background story - the other day my droid A855 got BSOD'd while performing a simple swipe unlock. I was told this is the LCD going bad, which happens.. OK. I have an identical working droid (not activated), but the problem lies within whats contained on the broken phone. I have tons of notes of utmost importance saved in the notepad of the broken phone (kindly refrain from mentioning an app that backs up notes to SD cards as I've been beaten over the head with that from the verizon reps and customer service already), as well as about a dozen or so newer contacts that didn't get backed up before the droid went down. So, I'm out about 20 notes and 12 contacts, that I've been told I can't get back unless I get the phones LCD screen up and running again, because they weren't saved to the SD card..

    So, I watched a video and took apart the broken droid, ripped a couple ribbons during the teardown, so it is completely toasted. I am wondering (hoping) I can take out the motherboard from my broken phone and replace it in my other droid, that is still working? All I need is the notes and the contacts. I don't even care if the phone works or not.

    Does anyone know where the internal storage is located on the A855? If its contained somewhere in the motherboard, in theory, I feel like I could easily swap them out, and be able to grab the notes and contact numbers from "my dead old droid" by reading them on my newer, still working droid. Can someone please confirm the location of the internal storage?

    Much thanks - these forums have been a huge help to me over the years
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