Looking for some medical apps for an android tablet

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    Hello. I work for my uncle at his practice. He is an eye doctor and not that techie when it comes to electronics. For your information, sometime in 2014 he must have all of his records is some digital form that is HIPAA certified. I have seen and heard of some doctors that uses iPads for patient record keeping. I guess that the iPad syncs with a PC or something throughout the day. My question is this, is there any medical apps for the droid that are HIPAA certified? I have been looking around on the net for some, but none of them are HIPAA certified or has nothing to do with his practice. The reason that I'm looking is this, I HATE IPADS and if he gets one I will have to take care of any problems.

    I just bought a Toshiba Thrive AT105-T1032 and it should be in sometime next week. If it works out on the apps, I will try to get a couple of the 16GB versions for his office.
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