Looking for backup app and other advise from people who know much more then me! :)

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    Hey guys, I am starting a new thread because I would like to get your opinions for me based on what I'm looking for.

    I would like to know what backup / restore program (preferably free as I know some free programs are just as good if not better then the paid) I should get for my Android. I have an Inspire by AT&T and I would like a backup program that would allow me to backup all personal data and apps, contacts, bookmarks, sms msgs, emails, phone settings, pics, music. I know that there are back ups for some of these by nature of the app, for example I know my email and contacts are all backed up to gmail as that is what I use for my email, however, I would like to have a singular place to back everything up. I do not have a rooted phone as I don't think I really have a need for it since even though I have an ATT phone I can use Sideload to install non market apps. I suppose if anyone is interested in giving me any other tips, tricks, or thoughts on any other apps thought of as must have can be listed in this thread here as well. I am new to Droid phones as I spent the last 10+ years with Crackberry's since thats what my company gave me, but since I am not there anymore I decided to get myself the best phone on the market and that in my opinion is a Droid! [​IMG]

    Also how important is having a virus / malware app? Are there really enough threats out there? If so, I was thinking of installing AVG as I love their PC client.

    Thanks in advance guys for any insight yall can give!

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    Not sure about a backup app.

    But check out If you could only have/recommend 5 APPS ? for some good app recommendations (start from the last page for the most recent).

    I have Lookout on my phone for security. But not sure how well it works, but it's there.

    Also check out this thread regarding apps:
    How to be safe, find trusted apps, & avoid viruses - A guide for those new to Android I found it to be pretty informative.

    Also, someone thought it might be a good idea to have a "sticky" of must have apps, but they're all subjective. So if you want to know on a specific ap, then ask about that app (or type of app). That seems to be the best way to do it.
    See: Must Have Apps STICKY
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