Looking for an App developer in the south eastern area Will pay for services.

Discussion in 'Android App Developers' started by thericksonebay, Jan 28, 2011.

  1. thericksonebay

    Hello my name is Eric and I own a company and would like to create a free app for people to download to use my services. Would like to have a developer that's familiar with android ( of course) ,apple, win7 and black berry also a lil web development would be nice as well. I know this may seem like a far strectch but if you are good at even just one of these we can still get the job done.

    To give you a little info about what I need done. I own a very popular transportation company and would like people to be able to book a ride, see when the next pick up at there location is, track a flight and more but not to much more. You would probably need to be familar with SMS and gps intergration.

    If you are interested and skilled at what you do I would like to meet with you or chart with you about doing this. You will be paid for your services. The best way to contact me is thericksonebay@aol.com and you can also check out our website at. Rockandrolltransit. Com