Long time MMS issue. Please Help

Discussion in 'Android Support' started by Tallica, May 9, 2010.

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    Anyone else having problems receiving mms. I can send fine but cannot receive. Every once in a while I will get one though. I really don't think this is a problem with a specific Rom, I been having this problem on almost all Roms. But it is driving me absolutely NUTS! Just wondering if anyone could help.
    I'm using handcent but stock messaging app gets same results.
    Also sms work fine sending and receiving.
    I don’t think it’s a 3g problem either as I can use my phone in all other ways with no ill effect.
    I’ve been rooted since about 3 days after I got my Droid and seem to remember no problems with mms before root. I also recently flashed 2.0.1 .sbf and updated to 2.1 then re-rooted .
    All ideas greatly appreciated !
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