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    I first have to say the Dinc is one damn decent phone and I am a old Blackberry sufferer lastly chucking the Storm 1. I have figured out a lot of things and even thinking of rooting. I do have a question.

    What is the lock screen? I hit the power/standby button on the top of my phone and the screen comes on with the time, drag the bar down and I am at the home screen. If I tap that bar, it says Screen Locked. Whoopi de do! I just drag it down and I am back so what is the point of this locked screen?

    Plain English please. lol

    BTW, thanks for these forums. Very useful info.
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    The purpose of the lock screen is so you don't unintentionally perform operations, due to it being a touchscreen. If you don't drag down the bar, or press the Menu button, it will time out, turns of the display, and will have to press the power to bring the screen up again. It is a failsafe to tell the phone if you want to start using it.
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    Andrew, thanks for the reply. Still, if I lock the screen and wait, it unlocks itself within 30 seconds and reverts back to the original standby screen with the time showing. I have been playing with passwords and locking patterns and it seems if you invoke locking patterns, then the lock screen makes sense. Once it is tapped and locked, you have to enter the pattern to unlock the screen so maybe that is what it's for. If you use no pattern or password, then the lock screen does nothing.