Llost 4G, 3G and can't connect to Android Market

Discussion in 'Droid Bionic Tech Support' started by ChrisInLA, Mar 22, 2012.

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    I posted this on the Eclipse forum, but I realized it may not be a ROM issue. Aplogies in advance for any unnecessary duplication.

    I've been running Eclipse 2.2 on my Verizon Bionic for several days with zero problems. Suddenly today I found I can't connect to Android Market, although I can get apps on my desktop and they download and install fine.

    Then I saw I was getting no 4G or 3G and only one bar of 1X. I haven't changed any setting in the window of loss.

    In fact, when I disable WiFi and run a speed test, I get "Network communication issues" and fail. I get and send calls and texts just fine, but any app requiring web access fails.

    Anyone got a clue?

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