liveUSb how long will it last and a few other questions

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    ok so I am planning on running linux ubuntu off of a usb stick but I have a few questions

    1.How long will the stick last before its read/write cycle is over?

    2.ubuntu's minimum requirements are a 1ghz processor. do these still apply if im running off of a liveusb? much of a performance difference will it be if I am running off liveusb as apposed to actually having it on the hard drive?

    4.I know on a live cd you cant save your changes I am sure you can do that on a liveusb but I am just checking?

    5. My computer is 64 bit a lot of other computers are 32bit if I want my liveusb to work with all of the computers what should I do? does a 64bit version of ubuntu saved on a liveusb work on 32 bit computers? would a 32 bit work on 64bit computers? aince im running off of a liveusb does 32bit and 64bit have an effect?

    thanlyou very much for your help