LiveShare by Cooliris Makes Group Photo Sharing Easy

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    If you’re looking for a nice easy way to share photos while on the go with your friends or groups of friends, then this may be the app for you. The app is called LiveShare by Cooliris, and best part is that it’s free for install.
    The app will allow you to create photo streams, as many as you want. You can upload those photos into a collective stream that others in your group can add to as well. Photos can come from multiple sources and can be added to the same stream. In other words, you don’t have to go through 15 peoples facebook pages to see all the photos from the last party or concert you all attended, it’ll all be in one stream, and one location for all to see.


    You can set the photo privacy on each stream or photo as well, making some streams more exclusive than others. Also, you can always add or invite others to see the stream of photos at anytime, as well as contribute to the streams you set.


    This a great way to collaborate photos and minimize hunting photos down later online. Check it out by installing it from the Android Market at the link below.

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