Live Puzzle! Sea Animals

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    Live Puzzle!, the kids puzzle game entirely animated, is coming back with a new theme, Sea Animals.
    With this educational game, your children discover and learn about 12 animals living either in a coral reef, in the deep ocean or even in Antarctica, all of it in 10 languages.
    Live Puzzle! can be played by toddlers, preschool kids, older kids, and thanks to the different levels of difficulty of the game, even grown-ups will enjoy it.

    Very intuitive and easy to play, the game is played like the classical jigsaw puzzles. All one has to do is drag and drop the pieces to the right place while the animations are playing. When the puzzle is completed, children can click on the animal to play a rewarding and funny animation.

    - names of animals written and spoken in 10 languages.
    - develops the following skills and abilities: analyzing, concentration, problem solving, eye-hand coordination. Ideal for preschool and kindergarten kids.
    - 12 sea animals presented in three different living environment: coral reef, ocean and Antarctica.


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