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    ok I am running droidmod 1.0 and I do like it. But also have not tried anything else yet out there. been looking around and now see Ultimate Droid V8.1.1 Now Available as Over The Air Update Just a couple Questions. and Also BB

    After further reading. If phone is already rooted I can just run the nandroid Backup of BB9

    1. Do I flash back to stock before installing UD or BB? I have Made with Titanium. ( I think the answer is yes )
    2. anything else I need to know? like these extra Kernals ( or does Rom Manager take care of that for me? )
    3. The real difference between UD and DroidMod and BB
    4. Looking at the issues I take it as to stay with 8.0.
    5. When do I DL room Manager? and is it better to just get the Donated version first?

    UPDATE ok decided to stay with Droid Mod. any reason for me to install Rom Manager?

    Thanks advance. :)

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