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    1.) Motorola Atrix

    [​IMG]Motorola Atrix 4G Android Phone

    The Motorola Atrix features hardware inferior to none and oh how it performs! The dual-core processor run monster was included by AT&T in its carrier line up at the CES based Developer Summit. Giving the iPhone 4’s pixel density a real run for its money, the Atrix has a screen resolution of 960×540. It also includes a finger print reader along with 802.11n support on both 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz bands. The battery included is also really powerful for a smartphone, with a 1930 mAh rating, instead of the usually seen 1300 mAh or 1500 mAh. Atrix also has the ability to capture videos in HD. It also includes an HD dock and a laptop dock, which allows you to use the Atrix in its ‘Webtop’ mode, astonishingly similar to the desktop experience.
    2.) LG Optimus 2X

    [​IMG]LG Optimus 2X

    The LG Optimus 2X, known as the LG Star while it was still in its prototype form, is rather overwhelming for a smartphone to say the least. The Optimus 2X is powered by a Tegra 2 1.0 GHz processing unit, the first smartphone to announce such a configuration. For those who want an estimate of its prowess, do keep in mind the Optimus 2X’s 1080p Full HD TV output capability via HDMI, teamed up with an 8 megapixel primary camera working in tandem with a 1.3 megapixel front facing secondary camera.
    3.) Motorola Droid Bionic

    [​IMG]Droid Bionic smartphone

    Motorola’s LTE equipped smartphone, the Droid Bionic, along with the Zoom tablet (introduced at nearly the same time) will be present at Verizon. The Droid Bionic is run by a dual core processor, with each core clocking in at an impressive 1 GHz to give a total clock speed of 2 GHz. It also features a stunning 4.3-inch QHD display, along with other features such as 512 MB of RAM, an 8 megapixel primary camera, a front facing secondary VGA snapper and HDMI connectivity. It also includes a Mirror Mode, which allows you to play videos on both your TV and your device at the same time.
    4.) HTC Thunderbolt

    [​IMG]HTC ThunderBolt smartphone

    Although it may not belong to the new dual core processor run breed, the Thunder bolt is quite the stunner in more ways than one. It holds a Verizon LT on board to provide for the speed it runs on. The Thunderbolt comes with Android 2.2 Froyo pre-installed. The 1 GHz powered smartphone is easily capable of browsing heavy pages, including maps, with absolutely no issues. The hardware itself is clearly inspired by the Desire HD, with the subtly hollowed build and a highly responsive glassy touch panel. The screen is also brilliant when it comes to performance, with a 4.3-inch super-LCD display. The speakerphone is hidden from view by a kickstand, similar to that seen in the EVO 4G.
    5.) HTC Merge

    [​IMG]HTC Merge phone

    Verizon’s dual mode GSM / CDMA smartphone, the HTC Merge (also rumoured to be the Lexikon), promises to be a great Android smartphone buy. The recently witnessed prototype was running on Android 2.2 Froyo with HTC Sense UI and Bing search. HTC has apparently managed to avoid all the mess surrounding the Desire Z Hinge’s keyboard with a well-spaced, clicky and responsive slide out QWERTY keyboard. The HTC Merge is also capable of shooting up 720p videos using its 5 MP camera. It is also likely to feature an 800 MHz processor, 512 MB RAM along with 2 GB of on board memory. In spite of its low processing power (in comparison with other upcoming smartphones), it looks to be able to deliver decent benchmark scores.
    6.) Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc

    [​IMG]Sony Ericsson XPERIA Arc

    The Sony Ericsson Arc is finally official, after months of teasers and leaks and so forth. It is apparently called so due to its curvy backside. The hardware specifications are decent so to speak. It includes a 1.0 GHz single core Qualcomm processing unit and a 4.2 inch display unit with a resolution of 854×480. The 8.7 mm slim phone will feature an 8 MP Sony sensor with back illumination capable of HD video recording. Sony is set to release the full set of details for the Xperia Arc shortly. It will ship with Android 2.3 Gingerbread pre-installed.
    7.) Samsung Infuse 4G

    [​IMG]Samsung Infuse 4G

    Samsung’s new baby, the Infuse 4G is the first smartphone featuring Super AMOLED Plus technology to display on screen happenings. This, Samsung claims, increases sub pixel count by up to as much as 50 per cent, ultimately resulting in more vivid, brighter images with better contrast and viewability. The Infuse 4G also includes a mammoth 4.5 inch screen, beating the HTC’s 4.3 inch range of smartphones (Thunderbolt, Desire HD and EVO 4G). The Infuse 4G is run using a 1.2 GHz Hummingbird processing unit. In spite of its primary rear camera of 8 MP and a secondary front facing 1.3 MP camera, the Infuse promises to be the thinnest AT&T smartphone in the market when it is launched.
    8.) LG Revolution

    [​IMG]LG Revolution
    LG’s first LTE phone for Verizon Wireless will be the Android-powered LG Revolution. The LG Revolution LTE 4G is a mobile phone that supports 4G LTE broadband that provides users with download speeds of 5 to 12 Mbps and upload speeds of 2 to 5 Mbps. It also features a 4.3 inch capacitive touchscreen, is Wi-Fi and Mobile Hotspot capable that lets users 4G connection with up to 8 WiFi devices. It is also DLNA, HDMI and DIVX capable, has video telephony support with front facing camera, Android 2.2 technology for Google Mobile Services, including Gmail, YouTube, Google Talk, Google Voice and access to the Android Market; had a virtual QWERTY keyboard, and supports Bluetooth 3.0 capabilities for headset, hands-free, dial-up networking, object push, advanced audio distribution (stereo), audio/video remote control, phone book access, and file transfer. The LG Revolution LTE 4G also features a 16GB internal memory with microSD card slot that is expandable up to 32 GB.
    9.) Samsung Stealth V

    [​IMG]Samsung Droid Charge
    It had been a hushed up affair when it comes to Samsung’s Stealth V, until finally some information was leaked on the Korean giant’s upcoming Android based smartphone. When it comes to hardware, the Stealth V will include an 8 MP camera, a AMOLED display with a 4.3 inch screen size and DLNA over 802.11b/ g/ n- all of it running on Android 2.2 Froyo. Samsung are yet to provide concrete information on the Stealth V, although it is touted to be running on a CDMA chipset.
    10.) Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo

    [​IMG]Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo smartphone

    If you are looking for an Android smartphone running Gingerbread, you might have another strong option in the Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo. Unofficially seen as the MT15i, the Xperia Neo was given a name by SE only recently. The Xperia Neo will be using SE’s Reality Display technology in its screen, Sony’s answer to Apple’s Retina Display. Technical specifications include a 1 GHz Qualcomm MSM 7630 along with an Adreno 205 graphics chipset. It also includes 512 MB RAM. The Xperia Neo will be running on a 1500 mAh battery, thus promising decent battery life. It will also be u=making use of Sony’s Bravia engine for Multimedia purposes.
    11.) HTC Pyramid

    [​IMG]HTC Sensation smartphone

    With Sprint, AT&T (Thunderbolt) and Verizon (Inspire 4G) all getting HTC Android based smartphones; T-Mobile could not have been left behind for long. Rumoured to be launched in May or June, the HTC Pyramid is sizing up to be quite a phone already. It will be running on a 1.2 GHz dual core processing unit, It will also be including the much hyped Snapdragon MSM 8260 which Qualcomm had briefly showcased at CES. In all probability, it will feature a 4.3 inch screen along with a qHD display with 960×540 resolution, much like the Atrix 4G mentioned earlier.
    12.) Nexus S

    [​IMG]Nexus S smartphone

    Google has finally created a product page for Samsung’s soon to arrive Nexus S. The technical specifications have been officially released as well. Although it was rumoured to have been running on the Orion dual core setup of processors, the Nexus S will be running, in reality, on a 1GHz Hummingbird Cortex A8 based processor. It will be seen running on Android 2.3 Gingerbread firmware. Other features of the smartphone include Tri Band HSPA with AWS support (without HSPA+ capability), a 4 inch WVGA display, 5 MP Camera, a gyroscope (similar to that seen in the Galaxy S range), 512 MB RAM and 16 GB of on board storage capacity. It will also include integrated VoIP support.
    13.) LG Optimus 3D

    [​IMG]LG Optimus 3D smartphone

    Although not officially revealed as yet, it is almost certain that 2011 will witness the birth of LG’s 3D smartphone, the Optimus 3D. This is based on LG’s MWC tease of a new Optimus phone that takes you into “the new dimension”. This is strong evidence in concluding the arrival of the Optimus 3D in the coming few months. For the 3D display to be used, it is highly likely that LG will utilise 4.3 inch glass free units seen at a CES demo.
    14.) Dell Thunder

    [​IMG]Dell Thunder Smartphone

    Dell’s upcoming Thunder is an Android 2.1 based smartphone. It also heavily uses a Dell “Stage” UI along with Google’s Android, together leading to a strikingly classy experience, different from that seen on the Aero or the Streak. It is also fully integrated with social networking sites Facebook and Twitter. There is also a Swype keyboard option apart from the standard keyboard, which is a useful addition. Dell claims that the Thunder will support Flash 10.1 for streaming internet based videos. Other hardware specifics include a 4.1 inch WVGA OLED screen, an 8 MP camera and a Snapdragon chip similar to that seen on the Lightning. HSPDA and AT&T versions of the Thunder will hit stores by the fourth quarter of 2011, while LTE versions will arrive by the year’s end.
    15.) Samsung Galaxy S2

    [​IMG]Samsung Galaxy S2 smartphone

    Although it is yet to be officially announced (Mobile World Congress may finally see Samsung make it official), many of the Android 2.3 Gingerbread smartphone’s technical specifications and features have already been speculated. It will feature a 4.3 or 4.5 inch Super AMOLED Plus Display, along with a 8 MP primary rear camera (with LED flash) and a secondary front facing 1.3 MP camera. The processor used will be an Orion dual core setup clocking at 1.0 or 1.2 GHz. It will also include Bluetooth 3.0 and NFC support among other features.
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    hmm, not much for the person that wants a 4g phone, but doesnt want something thats huge. Are they ever going to make a phone with a smaller screen again lol. how about nice dual core phone with a 4 inch or smaller screen. Pity I may have to wait until q4 for the Atrix to maybe be released on Verizon.
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    I like the powerful features of Motorola ATRIX 4G, is my favorite too and the Sony Ericsson Xperia arc looks amazing.
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