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    Hello All, I am new to Droid with a DroidX. I am slowly learning and am still in my 30 day (returnable) time period. I have overcome some of the issues such as Outlook Synching and lockups, but one issue I cannot find a solution for is getting Droid to work with a Link to Cell device (specifically a GE-21518). This device allows me to connect my cell phone by Bluetooth and then use the entire cordless home phone system to receive and make calls. My former Blackberry and my wife's HTC work great with this system. The DroidX connects and allows me to make outgoing calls but will not allow me to answer through this system. Both Panasonic and Uniden make cordless phone systems with this Link to Cell feature but mine is a stand alone without the phone. This is a great feature but I cannot find anything in the Fourms or on line addressing this.

    Can anyone help? Sorry to be such a long message--if I am posting this incorrectly please advise. THANKS.
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