Liberty GB 0.6 - Always boots cold into bootstrap?

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    Hi All,

    I installed Liberty GB 0.6 last night. I started with an SBF back to stock Froyo, installed Z4Root, rooted, installed Liberty Toolbox Donate, installed bootstrap from LTD. I then rebooted into recovery, wiped cache/data, installed GB 0.1 Full ZIP and then GB 0.6 ZIP, rebooted.

    At some point in setting the phone back up, I re-installed bootstrap through LTD. Now, I have have problems with cold boots. If I use the reboot command through LTD, it works fine but if I power down and then power on, it always goes into bootstrap - if USB debugging is disabled.

    If I enable USB debugging & cold boot, it just goes to a solid black screen after the fist logo and nothing happens.

    Any suggestions on what do to next? I really wish LTD had an option to also remove bootstrap. I have reinstalled bootstrap several times through LTD with no change in behavior.

    EDIT: Also note that if I do a battery pull, it completely bypasses bootstrap and loads Android. It's only after a normal power down, that the next power up is bootstrapped.

    Thanks in advance!
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