Liberty atop R2D2

Discussion in 'Droid 2 Roms' started by attaboybigen75, May 21, 2011.

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    Ok ive been reading alot and i mean alot on this forum and it gave me the confidence to root my phone (droid r2d2) and flash liberty rom on the bases that it worked for others i am in a small bind though apparently i failed to backup my prevues version properly, the only problem went into a boot loop some how i got out of it Phone works great only small issue is it reboots to boot loader screen Now my wife wants me to flash hers but i would rather brick my than hers first so i want to flash to 2.3 so i can flash roms more often and get this correct before i mess with hers. Only other issue was i did all that from phone as i have been unable to connect it to computer since i received the phone as it crashed my computer when i tried to install Motorola software i need instructions i am somewhat text savvy however unaware of some common terminology thanks