LGB 1.6 - Ringtone Loop Delay Issue

Discussion in 'Liquid' started by cedarrapidsboy, Apr 19, 2011.

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    We just found that LGB is handling short ringtones differently than other ROMs that have passed through our phones. On both our D1's running LGB 1.6, a short ringtone (~3 seconds) plays fine, but repeats very quickly, short delay between loops.

    In the past it was something like:
    ringtone - 3 sec pause - ringtone - 3 sec pause - ringtone - ...

    Now, same ringtone, it is usually:
    ringtone - <1 sec pause - ringtone - <1 sec pause - ringtone - ...

    I can edit the ringtone, to make it longer with pauses in the sound file, but would rather keep the looping behavior of the ringtone the same as other ROMs.
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