LG Vortex: Bloatware redistributing itself to other bloatware

Discussion in 'LG Vortex' started by Sithregal, Dec 27, 2011.

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    I looked around and saw nothing for this problem.

    Firstly, I cannot root my phone. As much as I want to (and I would have within the first month of having this phone) it is paid for by my father's business so it is not technically mine ( I be a broke college student).

    I have been battling weekly, and recently many times in a single day, against this frustrating bloatware which I cannot remove. Yesterday, I was informed that the text message memory was full (despite only having about 60 texts, with no images). I then deleted said texts to free up the required room. I was then given the same error message. I then received a Storage Is Low warning.

    Turns out that the precious 30 MB of local memory I had spent days freeing up was reduced to 10, and SNS (which was about 15 Mb ) got blown up to a massive 42. I was enraged and confused at how this could happen.

    I cleared the data for SNS and thought it was over. It wasn't.
    Somehow the Thinkfree Office got blown from the 2.00 MB (I never use that garbage) all the way to 10 MB. And to top it all off the 10.15 MB is Application memory. NOT clearable data.

    Please tell me how this atrocity came to pass, and how I might fix it, as I think replacing all the files with backups I made may void the warranty.

    Posting from said phone.
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