LG V10 Has A Root Bounty Thread

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    If you are into modding your device then you know how important Root is! There are all kinds of other things you can do with root other than flashing various mods. With root you can make system level changes to your device, you can do full backups and restores of your device, and you can enable free wifi tether. Verizon has made it increasingly difficult to root their carrier branded variant devices. The LG V10 is no exception. It comes with a locked up bootloader, and will need developer intervention to get this phone rooted.

    There is already some interest in Root for this device. I have spoken with some of the community interested in working on it, but so far have not heard of any active progress being made. There is now an official bounty thread that has so far accumulated $675 worth of bounty for whoever gets the phone rooted. Bounties are no guarantee that a phone will be rooted, but it does give developers and security experts an extra incentive to get things moving on a root method. If you would like to contribute to the bounty head to the link below.

    via XDA
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