LG Spectrum Screen Replacement Guide

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    Does your LG Spectrum have a damaged or cracked screen? Instead of spending the money to buy a whole new phone, consider using this in depth repair guide to replace a touch screen digitizer, LCD screen, or perhaps another vital internal component. The guide will take you through step-by-step how to disassemble your device in order to make the appropriate repair, and before you know it your LG Spectrum will look like new again!

    This guide will assist in the installation of the following LG Spectrum part(s):

    Required Tools:

    • Safe Open Pry Tool
    • Adhesive Strip
    • Small Phillips Screwdriver

    All of these parts and tools for the LG Spectrum can be found at our online store at www.RepairsUniverse.com

    LG Spectrum Take Apart Guide

    • To begin make sure your device is completely powered off. Then start by removing the back battery cover.
    • Remove the battery, sim card, and memory card. These parts are all found on the back of the device once the back battery cover has been removed.
    • (Figure 1.1) Using a Small Phillips Screwdriver unscrew the eleven (11) small screws (highlighted in red).
    • (Figure 1.2) With the screws removed, use a Safe Open Pry Tool and begin releasing the clips that hold the back housing in place. Work your way around all the edges and sides until all the clips are removed, and then the back housing can be removed from the rest of the device.


    • (Figure 2.1) The motherboard is now exposed, and there is eight (8) cables that need to be released (all highlighted in purple). Use your pry tool to release the connections from the motherboard.
    • Now that the connections have been released, the motherboard can now be removed. Carefully lift it out from the rest of the housing.
    • Next you will need to release the LCD flex cable which is adhered to the back housing.
    • (Figure 2.2) Remove the large black decal that covers the flex cable.
    • (Figure 2.3) Remove the gold tape located at the bottom near the LCD flex cable.
    • (Figure 2.4) With the gold tape removed you can now fully release the LCD flex cable.


    • Release the touch screen flex cable, prying it away from the housing (Figure 3.1). Also during this step you will remove the audio headphone jack (Figure 3.2). Simply place it to the side for later during the reassembly.
    • (Figure 3.3) Next will be to unscrew two (2) more small Phillips screws (highlighted in red).
    • (Figure 3.4) Use the pry tool to separate the screen assembly from the housing. Be aware that the LCD and touch screen flex cables will need to be fed through the housing as the assembly is being pryed away.


    • (Figure 4.1) With the pry tool you can now gently pry away the LCD screen from the touch screen assembly. Use caution while doing this as the lower portion of the LCD screen is held in place with a small amount of adhesive. At this point in guide you can replace the LCD screen (if that is the part you need to replace).
    • (Figure 4.2) Now you will remove the touch screen from the frame. With either a blow dryer (on medium heat) or a heat gun (on low heat), heat the screen for about 45 seconds in order to loosen the adhesive.
    • (Figure 4.3) Use the pry tool to release the adhesive that holds the front housing to the touch screen. Pry between the two and shim your way around all four edges and sides. During this process you may want to apply more heat where necessary to further loosen the adhesive.
    • (Figure 4.4) Be cautious while prying around the keypad buttons as there is additional adhesive holding them in place. Once the touch screen has been separated from the frame you can now replace the touch screen digitizer.


    • Lastly, reverse these steps in order to reassemble the device.

    Please Note: This repair guide is for informational and instructional purposes only. Please perform this repair at your own risk.

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