LG Optimus V All Data Erased While Flashing ROM

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    My phone (LG optimus V) was accidentally wiped of all data, i believe. I was trying to flash my phone with a new ROM and in the process i must have deleted all of my data and everything. Every time i try to reboot my phone it loads the LG screen then always goes straight to the ClockworkMod Recovery screen. I tried to restore my old rom with my backup rom that i made with ClockworkMod Recovery v3.2.0.0 that i made before i did anything else but it got deleted along with everything from my SD card. So now i have a phone that is stuck on the ClockworkMod Screen and will not restart to the stock ROM b/c i think it all got deleted and will not load anything.

    And also my SD card is not working because i tried to burn and .img file to it but that didnt work either. So now my computer wont read it when it is entered into my phone.

    If anyone could help in any way i would REALLY appreciate it.
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