LG OPTIMUS L5-E610 Rooting

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    Hello there, first off im new to the forum so if this is in the wrong section please move it :)

    Onto my problem:

    I am currently trying to root my LG OPTIMUS L5-E610 phone that i bought a few weeks back. The main issue is that the methods to use to root the phone (i believe there is a whole thread about this phone somewhere) do not work. I always get a "cannot copy superuser.apk to blah/blah - permission denied. or in somecases cannot copy superuser to blah/blah because this is a read-only system. This is an example of one of the errors, all of the steps produce an error from begginging to end.
    The errors immediately start at the busy box installation and then continue on, nothing works.

    Im really pulling my hair out here, i know the phone is connected the right way because it even reboots my phone at the end. USB debugging is on and i have allowed unknown sources. What could be the issue?
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