Lg optimistic net sim card transplant??

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    I'M relatively poor these days but I wanted to join the Android Army so I found this "entry level" LG OPTIMUS NET (new model LGL45C) sold at most Best Buy locations for a little over $100. It has UNLIMITED data/text/talk with NO roaming charges for a Flat $50 A month. It uses Sprint's CDMA towers and in my location I can't complain... 1mB download on 3G...

    The phone is touchscreen with a smaller than prefered 3.2" screen but will run %90 of the apps and games out there... Surprisingly snappy playing high graphicaly demanding games!

    Anyways, my question is has anyone heard of anyone taking a net 10/tracphone SIM and successfuly transplanted it into another Android 2.3 platform smartphone?? Preferably an upgrade from this minimouse smartphone?

    Thanks for any input!

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