LG Likely to Unveil Their Flexible Tech-Based OLED Display This Year

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    Previously we shared rumors that LG might actually head Samsung off at the pass when it comes to flexible OLED tech. Now, we have supposed confirmation straight from the source. Statements made by LG’s vice president of mobile Yoon Bu-hyun indicate LG will launch their version of the technology by the end of this year. Just as stated previously, more than likely, the first device will not be bendable, but instead will just have the potential to be a wrap-around screen, or simply feature the unbreakable plastic as an alternative.

    If so, it will be a worthy coup from LG. The two South Korean companies have been locked in a bitter rivalry for many years, especially in the display technology & mobile sectors. LG hitting the market first with this tech will put enormous competitive pressure on the Samsung juggernaut. That's a rare thing these days.

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