LG Is Planning An Early Release Of The G6.

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    Lg had a bit of a flop on their hands last year with the pseudo modular LG G5. They just couldn't convince consumers that they needed to carry around devices to give the phone slightly more functionality. That coupled with many negative reviews surrounding the build quality of the device didn't really bode well for the LG G5. The phone failed before it really had the chance to take off. The LG V20 was met with much more enthusiasm and seemed poised for major success with the demise of the Note 7 however LG still failed to fully capitalize on Samsung's disaster.

    LG needs a good shot of penicillin to revitalize their market share. They hope to regain some ground with an early release of the LG G6. They are hoping to get ahead of some of the competition which they also hope will translate into a few extra sales. Last year the G5 was released just ahead of Mobile World Congress on February 21. The phone was available for purchase in April. If they plan on releasing the G6 early we may see it as early as next month with a purchase date in late February or March although there has been nothing official from LG on this matter, and I have not received any information about demo units or anything like that yet. I was able to preview the V20 about a month before the official release. As soon as more information is made available on this we will update you here.

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    Any specs on the LG G6? Maybe 5.7" screen, and led notification light?:D
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