LG Intuition Texting Woes

Discussion in 'Android Smart Phones Forum' started by fosgate3, Aug 16, 2013.

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    My gf has been going through a lot lately with her phone so I'm trying to help out by find some solutions to her problem. About a month or so ago, maybe a little less, she started having texting issues with her LG Intuition. She would try to text but nothing would appear on the screen. She's had to resort to using texting apps in order to text other people but they aren't always reliable and in some cases, require an internet connection. I've tried to find some solutions to the problem but so far, searching the net hasn't yielded much. The phone is not rooted either.

    I remember having something similar to my DROID 4 and I resolved it. I've been attributing my resolution to using a cache cleaning app called Cache Clear and cleaned out the texting cache on the phone. It seemed to work after that; however, I also removed some unused apps too at the same time so I'm not sure if it was the Cache Clear app or the uninstalling of other apps. Because my problem was intermittent, I couldn't easily find out.

    I'm wondering if anyone has experienced this and if so, what solutions--if any--did you find?

    Thanks in advance for reading.
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