LG G5's Unique Removable Magazine Design Could Hold 'accessory' Slot As Well

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    Not too long ago, we shared a leaked image which claims to show the unique new outer case design of the LG G5. The concept (as outlined in the leaked pic) is that the bottom of the G5 will be removable and the battery will slide out like a semi-automatic handgun magazine. While this concept is unusual enough to warrant our attention, there is a new bit of intel suggesting the design will include more than just the slide-out battery.

    According to the latest intel, this new LG G5 case design will also be hiding an "accessory slot" to give extra functionality to the phone. Nothing more specific was shared than that, so it's tough for us to imagine what type of accessories could be housed inside the phone, but the idea is intriguing.

    Of course, this could simply be the ravings of a fanatical fanboy, so take it with a grain of salt. We will keep an eye out and share any additional details as they emerge.

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    Source: The Verge
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