LG G4 Apps Ported To LG G3

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    The LG G4 has not yet released, but thanks to the preview program there are quite a few handsets floating around in the wild. I got mine today :)! With these devices out in the wild it has been pretty easy for developers to pull bits and pieces from the UI. If you weren't so lucky as to have received your G4 yet you might be happy to know that you can already check out some of the G4 apps on your G3 thanks to developer "laststandingdroid" who has ported them over.

    Apps include:

    LG Music
    LG Home
    LG Camera
    LG File Manager
    LG Contacts and Contact Provider
    LG Music Widget
    LG Video
    LG Gallery
    LG Concierge Board
    LG Calendar
    LG Media Folder
    LG Voice Recorder

    Installing these apps is pretty simple. Download and extract the files, move them to your sdcard, backup the old files, copy files you moved to sdcard to a certain folder, then reset permissions. Head to the link below for the full instructions and download links.

    via XDA
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