LG G3 screen goes black

Discussion in 'LG G3' started by EyeOWA, Sep 4, 2016.

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    Has anyone else have screen issues with the G3 screen going black? I bought this off swappa back at the end of May. Was in close to mint condition. Haven't had any problems with it before. Was riding in the car and the screen started to turn grayish black and a black bar would appear before the screen blacked out. It occurs regardless of what app is running. Will do it on home screen as well.
    I have tried to take off the back and lift up the connectors as some have tried. It still does the blackout. Not sure if anyone has experienced this and was able to fix it. It is my does phone and not buying him another...he's on his 3rd different phone in less than 2 years.
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