LG G3 International/Korean/Global Model/Variant Thread

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    It simply wouldn't be right just have a US Carrier thread when there are so many more options out there, considering this device is already going to be available to over 140+ carriers. The goals of this thread is to keep conversations related specific to model variants that are listed below, these do not necessarily need to be carrier specific as the model variants tend to rely more on GSM band rather than CDMA. But this should be an area to find questions to answers that are not easily found in other forums, it is also a place to ask questions without intimidation, so please feel free to ask away as there are plenty of supportive members here that will supply the answers needed. I will update this main topic with the most recent information and pictures, details as device information, country, carrier, details are released.

    Also important I want to give credit to benkxda for beginning the topic and research, as I want to bring this over here for DF.



    D855 16GB || D855 32GB
    Europe (International)
    16 GB memory/2 GB RAM || 32 GB memory/3 GB RAM

    Turkey / Europe

    Australia / Testro
    16 GB memory/2 GB RAM

    Olleh / South Korea
    32 GB memory/3 GB RAM

    LG U+
    32 GB memory/3 GB RAM

    SK Telecom
    32 GB memory/3 GB RAM


    Rogers, Bell / Canada

    Vidéotron / Canada

    Anyways, bookmark this thread and keep an eye out, there are many of us that are staying tuned to what is going on in the G3 world and will provide the latest info. :biggrin:
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