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    i recently decided that I needed to add a line on my T-Mo account (2 for $100/mo total) for work purposes. There are times I need to call/receive calls from people that are less than desireable and don't want my "real" number out there. I also don't want to use Google Voice as they'll know it's not a "real" number, so I went to the store today. I've been rocking my iP6S+ for a while now after my 6P and have been very happy with it. I had the rep bring out the ZTE Max that was $200 I think. Looked decent for a burner phone... but then I peeped the LG Aristo. Felt good. Was snappy. $150.

    Only had it for a few hours but damn, this is a nice handset for the price. I ordered a $6 skin for it and will dedicate it for work and women, keeping my phone clear of any BS.

    Anyone have any experience with this? I know it's a low end device, but it's nice to be back in the Android game....