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    I'll start with the pro's.

    -It came quickly
    -Installation was very simple (sans flimsiness, see cons), it's a tad smaller so it's easy to get on.
    -Came with awesome equipment for installation, like latex finger covers
    -Totally fingerprint resistant, as to be expected with anti glare
    -It's definitely ANTI-glare
    -Really thin, so no sensitivity is lost
    -Feels EXTREMELY smooth, I prefer the feel to the standard glass


    -Makes the screen have a terrible rainbow effect on all lighter screens, a lot worse than I expected, I have an anti glare on my iPod Touch that I LOVE, it doesn't do this rainbow effect nearly as bad. I don't know if it's the screen of the products, or just the difference in protectors, but it's noticeable. Note: I also keep little to no brightness on either of them
    -There seems to be no adhesive anywhere around the edges of the film, because even with the protector dead center there is a border of bubble (well it just doesn't lay flat). Though if you use a case this would be nonexistant as it would probably cover it
    -The thinness is a tradeoff, because while it does help with the sensitivity, it's a PIA to put on cause it's so flimsy.

    So yeah, overall I'm content with it, but it could be much better. I just have to have anti-glare, cause to me I can't STAND fingerprints. Actually the anti-glare I could care less about, these might as well be called anti-fingerprint to me.
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