Let's Unite (Game Dev Story must go)

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    I'm not out to hurt anyone's reputation. But its fairly obvious that this game has strong suspicions of being a scam.

    I was browsing featured apps in the Android market and I came across "Game Dev Story". The description seemed really stupid, but the ratings were high. I decided to read the ratings.

    Here are some of the 5 star reviews:
    "Yardell: This game is like a black hole:. You start it up; it sucks you in;and then you're losing entire nights to it. A+!"

    "Puzzlespider: As employee for one of the biggest game companies, I have to say, this is quite epic. Love it!"

    "Richard: Great and addicting."

    "Andy: Great game but dangerously addictive!"

    "gskspurs: Additive! Works great on my DesireHD. Best game in Android"
    (I think he means Addictive)

    "Alan: I can't put it down, help! :p Game is awesome!"

    "Andrew: Horrendously addictive. The best game on android. I got so engrossed I forgot to go to bed last night!"

    "Nicholas: Wonderful game. Very addicting. My wife and I are looking forward to an update, with additional content."
    All the reviews <5 Stars

    "Dan Noll: Cant refund? CANT REFUND???"

    "Tomac: Worked ok for a little, then closed out suddenly (not force closed). Was stuck with a blank blue screen. uninstalled, couldn't reinstall without purchase"

    "Aaron: Lame"

    "Jimmy: It wont install, wont refund and nobody will do anything about it"

    "Anne Marie: I have payed for this game but it won't download !!!"

    "Paul: Something's up with this, currency is yen and I couldn't get my purchase authorised!"

    "Dylan: I payed for it but it said could not authorize, then it wouldn't give me a refund"

    "Underattack86: Will NOT install on my DesireHD"

    This game may not be safe. I'm not going to pay 3 dollars to see how bad it is, but since all of the reviews 5 stars or better claim that it is "addictive", and any review not 5 stars claims how it wont install, and no refund is given, I would be weary that this is a scam.

    Please take the time and report this app to Google for them to do an investigation.

    (My grammar is outright atrocious due to a long day)
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