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    Woops. Sorry, can we move this to general discussion?

    I have really mixed emotions about the camera. I've been actively trying to use it for the last 2-3 days, trying to get a feel for how to rate it. At first, I thought it was pretty bad. After some more consideration, I might have changed that to "not bad in certain conditions". What am I trying to say? I'm trying to say that we might have to recognize what conditions make the camera "very decent" and what pretty much makes the camera awful.

    I've taken many pictures in many different lightings, times of day, and distances. My conclusions have come to this:

    If you want to take a decent picture, try to get as close as possible in good lighting. An outside night shot from far away is pretty much the worst thing you can do, along with a dark indoor or bad flourescent indoor lighting. Natural light is much better than indoor lighting. A close-up shot of something is surprisngly decent. One taken during the daylight not-so-far away is pretty decent too. Finally : stay very still! The camera is prone to take very blurry (duh) shots when you are moving very slightly. Make no mistake, the Nexus is far from a replacement to a real 300 dollar (or even cheaper) digital camera, you can't compare the two, but in the right conditions the Nexus camera can be very serviceable to a non-expert eye.

    Here are two pics that came out surprisingly good (please, no comments on what is IN the pictures, they were just used for example purposes). Notice the detail in these. One was taken outside during a cloudy day. Instead of writing down the train times, I simply took a picture of the schedule and zoomed in to read it, and it worked out REALLY well. In the 2nd pic, notice the details of the bills. This was taken pretty closely, in a very dark environment with the flash on. You can actually see the serial numbers on the closest bill and the hairs IN the paper. I was very happy with both.


    Now, these two were taken in very different conditions. The first was while not-so-still, at night, zoomed in. I pretty much think it came out awful. The 2nd is in a not-so-bright flourescent light area with the flash off. It just doesn't look good at all, especially when you try to look at the detail in the pic. It looks grainy.


    So, try it and test it out. Take a few shots at night closeup and zoomed in, and take some during the day close-up and zoomed in, and compare the differences. I think if we can recognize when we can take a decent picture it'll make us more happy with the results.

    If anyone else has suggestions of how to take better pictures, please, speak up.

    Edit : check out this link doing a comparison of the Nexus and the iPhone. I'm astounded of how nice the Nexus pictures look. I've not taken any that look anywhere close to that good. Maybe daytime far away shots ARE possible to look good? I dunno. Check it out.
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