Let Me Introduce Myself :)

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    after 70+ posts i guess i should take the time to introduce myself.

    i love my D1. i also have owned the D2 but later sold it and went back to my D1. my wife had the DX but a warranty replacement landed her the D'Inc and she absolutely loves it though she wont let me touch it...lol.

    my life is hectic and always on the go. i needed a phone that could do everything i needed and more and my "droid does" exactly that and then some. i have had other phones including the iphone but the droid just seemed more.....ME.

    in my spare time i make themes for my own personal use :) . i also love to tinker with electronics and troubleshoot problems.

    in high school i was a band geek and yes i went to band camp ;) and for the record i am a cool geek.

    i also have a huge background in self defense. i was in karate when i was 6. Karate (black), KravMaga (expert-1), Brazilian Jujitsu (brown), Aikido (Red), Weapons-Disarmament and other useful things for my resume ;) .

    but thats just a little bit about me. i enjoy being here and being able to assist others in their problems.

    Happy Tinkering :)
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    Welcome! Glad you finally introduced yourself. The Droid is a very solid device, I'm not ready to give mine up.